Do you need someone to walk alongside you, encouraging you to finish strong in this race you're on?  Certified Life Coach Jennifer Kindle is enthusiastic about helping you grow spiritually, physically, mentally, and relationally.


Being active is key to physical fitness and we're excited to offer walking classes to help you reach your fitness goals.  All ages and fitness levels will benefit from our classes.


Full of inspiration, Jennifer loves to challenge and encourage others through her writing.  Walk with Jennifer as she is committed to growing in the Word, physical activity, learning with her mind, and kindliness as she's intentional in her relationships.

Need an extra dose of courage to finish strong this race you're on?  Dive into reading the heart's of those guest posting here.

Reaping the benefits of all natural, pure essential oils, Jennifer is excited to share with you education, information, and products to helpyou continue on your journey of being a whole-fit person by introducing oils into your daily life.