Jennifer is an enthusiastic, passionate life coach eager to help you unlock your full potential.  Marriage has been refining her with much grace since 2000, and motherhood has shown her how much mercy she really is desperate for.  Life Coach Certification came out of a desire to become a more equipped mom and has since taken the shape of helping women from all walks of life who desire to be more intentional with their lives.  Growing spiritually, physically, mentally, and relationally are the areas you can WALK with Jennifer through on your way to becoming the best version of yourself. 

A lover of sunshine, a seeker of alone time, and a reluctant adventurer, Jennifer carves out time to be a yes mom.  She loves how a great story inspires her to live one, she can't escape the voice of God, and her bucket list is saturated with activities to build into the hearts of people.

As a personal Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, Jennifer enthusiastically invites you into the daily habit of introducing essential oils into your routine.  Seeing the benefits of pure, all natural oils, she is convinced that doTERRA adds much value to all the areas of her life. 

A dreamer, a journal jotter, an obnoxiously loud laugher, a candy stasher, a devoted rebounder, a faith filled lover of Jesus, Jennifer attempts new things at every opportunity and doesn't shrink back from anything she thinks will benefit her growing into a better version of herself. 

Also a Certified Walk 15® Basic Level Instructor, Jennifer can help you achieve your personal fitness goals as you walk your way to a heathier you.  She looks forward to seeing you in class!


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I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, written and preserved to be the standard upon which our lives are lived.  I believe in God the father, I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in the Holy Spirit and that he has given me new life.  (I really like that song.)  I believe God became flesh through his son Jesus, born of a virgin, lived and walked among men, died on the cross to take upon my sin.  He rose again 3 days later...yes he did!  And now he is seated in the heavenlies and sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in me because I believe this all to be true.  He guides me, comforts me, convicts me and speaks all kinds of mysteries I couldn't know apart from his involvement in my life. I believe that I am sealed by the Spirit and I cannot lose my salvation.  He sees me as righteous and I believe that I have the power inside of me to live a holy life, he died so we could die to sin and live righteously for eternity.  In my sinful flesh, I fail and I believe his grace covers me because he is a God of second chances and as soon as the Holy Spirit convicts me, he strengthens me to confess and repent.  He forgives me and restores me and empowers me to die to self so he can live through me.  I believe God designed and ordained marriage to be a holy representation of the body of Christ being his bride. I believe God fashioned the family and commanded parents to disciple their children to be devoted followers of Christ.  I believe in honoring and valuing life.
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