WALK with The Word

In the beginning was the Word. 

We have our own beginning in the Word, in God, in Jesus.  Those that labor to build themselves up without the Lord labor in vain. 

One week each month I want to focus on what it looks like to W.A.L.K with me. 


Jesus is my portion and without his strength and desires overtaking my flesh, I would make a huge mess of myself and those around me.  I do at times still bomb motherhood, wifehood, personhood, but by his blood I am saved and his grace covers all my junk.  I invite you into his saving grace today. 

Do you know Jesus today? 

Are you growing in your intimacy with him?  Are you learning to discern the still small voice he speaks to guide and direct us?

It's a HUGE struggle for me to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit in me.  I've learned how to hear him, recognize his nudges, and notice his promptings.  That's the easy part for me.  Hearing and knowing the way in which I should walk isn't so complicated.  It's the application that throws me off.  I know what God desires, but my fleshly desires want it a different way.  I'm pretty selfish, want to please myself and do my own thing, I figure half the time that life is about me.  That kind of thought process doesn't bring much peace in my life. 

Obeying the promptings of the Spirit is where the rubber meets the road in my life.  Will I walk my way or his way?  To be honesty, it's tough folks!  Daily I must choose to die to myself so he can live through me.  Moment by moment I stand at the crossroad, will I do what I want, or will I submit to his voice, give up my rights, and let him love those around me in a way that makes less of me and much of others?  The struggle is REAL!!!  Real and in my face EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

(Get you some sinful kids living in your house and you'll know how real the struggle really is.)

Confession:  I'm just selfish, that's all it boils down to. 

But there's good news for me and you....Jesus died so that we don't have to be a slave to our selfishness.  He has given us the gift of freedom over our sin.  You have the power to WALK in this freedom from sin that Jesus offers.  Are you? 

"I don't know who this Jesus is!" 

The gospel , the good news, is pretty clear and simple.  God created everything beautiful and perfect, but people chose to do their own thing rather than obey God.  God can't be around sin, but he loved his people so very much that he made a way where he could still fellowship with people even though we are so sinful.  He chose to put some flesh on his spirit and come walk among the people he created.  He breathed life into a virgin girl and came to earth as a baby, sounds crazy right?  I love that I serve a miracle working God. 

He, God himself, walked among his creation, loving on people, healing, doing miracles, pointing people to believe in him as their savior.  The crazy thing that is sometimes hard to wrap my brain around is that payment is required for sin.  Blood had to be shed to cover people's sins.  Before Jesus came, the people would kill animals so they could pour out the blood as a covering for their sin.  Jesus became that perfect sacrifice.  When he died, his blood poured out over all of our sins, paying the price for all of my sins and all of yours. 

This generous act of love doesn't end there, though.  Three days after his death, Jesus came back to life again.  He defeated death!!!  He has power over death and darkness.  What this means is that when we believe this to be true, God can have fellowship with us, but instead of seeing us, he sees the blood of the Lamb covering us, Jesus, and we are then able to have fellowship with Holy God.  It's an amazing miracle of redemption and perfection.  This gift is for you!

Because Jesus defeated death, when we believe who he says he is and what he has done for us, we too defeat death.  Our bodies, yeah, they will die, but our spirit will live forever, we are eternal beings.  Whether you believe in Jesus or not, you are an eternal being.  You have a choice to live eternally with Jesus, or eternally separated from him. 

My pastor said it like this, "God has chosen you to be on his team, Satan has chosen you to be on his team, and you are the tie breaker!" 

Whose team are you going to choose to be on? 

I would love to hear form you.  If you need some encouragement to keep pressing into Jesus, message me.  If you want to chat more about who this King of Glory I keep calling Jesus is, message me.  The greatest thing I can offer you is this Savior who swallowed me up with his gracious love and has changed my life.