Monthly Reflection

As the end of each month comes to a close, time reflecting on how we spent our days can help us see where we can improve heading into the next month.  Wise people plan their days with purpose, even wiser people reflect and evaluate how they spent their days so they can make adjustments to keep learning and growing. 

monthly reflection.png

I challenge you to create a checklist for your personal reflection time to help you live with purpose. 

20 Reflection Questions

  1. What is my initial response to last month?
  2. What goals did I pursue?
  3. What goals did I actually accomplish?
  4. What did I do this month that I want to stick in my memory?  Why? What did I learn from it?
  5. What could I have done differently this past month?
  6. Have I grown and changed any this last month?  If so, how?
  7. What areas can I still improve in?
  8. What did I do that I absolutely loved?
  9. What experiences can I treasure?
  10. What changed me that I won't forget?
  11. Did I read a great nugget of wisdom to apply?
  12. What am I proud of that I accomplished?
  13. What do I wish I wouldn't have done and what steps can I take to avoid repeating it?
  14. What challenged me?  How did I overcome the challenge?
  15. What 3-5 lessons did this past month teach me?
  16. What 3-5 ways do I want to personally improve next month?
  17. What accomplishments or bucket list ideas can I make happen next month?
  18. What worked great this month that I want to repeat?
  19. What sucked the life out of me that I don't want to keep doing? 
  20. Have I scheduled next months reflection on my calendar yet?