Reflection Friday

Wise people not only plan with purpose, but they intentionally plan time for personal reflection.  I'm convinced the tool of reflecting is my greatest resource for personal growth.  I like to take time at the end of every week to reflect on how I spent my time, moved toward my goals, and changed for the better. 

I challenge you to create your own personal checklist for reflection.  Evaluate yourself with honesty and intention, create a plan to tweak what didn't work and take time to do more of what did work. 

10 Reflection Questions

Here's a glimpse into my personal reflection questions to get you jumpstarted thinking about your own.  You can check out the snapshot here.

  1. Did I accomplish my goals?
  2. Did I avoid my time wasters?
  3. What books did I read?
  4. Am I pleased with how I invested my time?
  5. Did I respond well under pressure?
  6. What did I learn?
  7. What lie did I battle?  What truth did I battle it with?
  8. What am I thankful for?
  9. What new idea did I have?
  10. Did I plan the weekend attack?