You never want to skip a Monday, it's packed with the potential for progress, moving us closer to our personal goals.  Being a visionary dreamer, I often see the big picture of what I want as the end result, but I'm weak at knowing the steps to take to climb the mountain ahead of me to get me the desired end result. 

Staying motivated is only part of the key to success at reaching our goals.  I can keep being my own best cheerleader with all the motivation one could muster, but without creating SMART goals, I'm just never going to see the results I desire. 

When making personal goals, try creating SMART goals so you can taste victory in the journey on your way to the destination. 


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound


Goals must be specific.  Vague generalizations and broad statements aren't specific.  What is it exactly you hope to achieve?  You can ask yourself the Who? What? When? Where? How? questions here to help you set specific goals.  (Example, "I want to lose weight," is not specific, but setting a goal of 20 pounds is very specific.) 


Measurable means you will break your goal down into concrete, measurable specifics.  (Example, I will memorize four scripture passages this month by memorizing one each week while I cook breakfast in the mornings.)


Ask yourself if this goal is important enough to you for you to sacrifice in other ways to make it happen?  Is it actually doable?  You can reach for the stars with your goals, but is your goal realistic enough that you can attain it?  Don't set yourself up for failure!


Are your goals important to you?  Is it your goal for yourself or someone else's goal for you?  You will not be motivated to reach your goals unless they're important to you.  You must set goals that you're passionate about accomplishing.


Give yourself a time frame to complete a goal.  Make a tentative plan for everything you do, stay flexible and keep goals realistic, but challenge and push yourself with personal deadlines to keep you motivated. 

One last tid-bit, as you're setting personal goals, turn all negatives into positives!  If you're changing the way you eat, think of what you CAN have, don't focus on what you CAN'T.  If your goal is to invest in a specific personal relationship, think on the positive growth you see rather than the negative aspects.  If you're focusing on a new workout routine, consider the pros and benefits rather than the cons and setbacks or sacrifices.  

You are fully capable of setting and keeping SMART GOALS and seeing Positive Progress!