I hope to inspire you and give you tools to stop the negative talk, to put an end to believing the lies from the enemy, to start believing truth and living in the freedom Christ offers you.  Do you long for someone to notice your strengths, call them out and remind you of your full potential?  The deep waters of your soul can burst forth with all that is noble, excellent and true.  You can be a high achiever at things that have eternal value.  I desire to speak truth into you, to encourage you to invite God into your dreaming and walk in the good works he has created you for.  I want you to have a kingdom focus in pursuing your God given passions by helping you with your short and long term plans in reaching your desired goals.  

Are you willing to WALK with me for accountability?  

There are four key areas of growth I prefer to WALK you through to help you achieve a whole-person fitness level.

  • Ladies, sorry gents!
  • Those desiring to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord
  • Those stuck in a lazy rut, eager to implement a more active, healthier lifestyle
  • Those eager to create habits of learning, reading, and stretching their minds
  • Those eager to be more intentional in their relationships, social skills, and community involvement
what we do.png
  • We will assess where you are and where you would like to be
  • We will create a plan of action to get you moving toward your destination
  • I will help you set achievable goals so you can be victorious
  • I will help you have a concise plan that keeps you moving forward with me
  • Along the path you will gain self awareness, self confidence, and self satisfaction

If you feel full of mind clutter and just need a boost to get you going in the right direction, my JUMPSTART package may be your best bet.  We will exchange a couple of emails with questions heavy on your heart which will allow our chat time to be super efficient with pleasing results.  If you just need someone to help you process aloud your answers to your own questions so you can begin to think abut the four areas of whole-person fitness, this package is the winner-winner-chicken-dinner.  Included in this package are my bucket filler and life declutter resources, 2-3 email exchanges, and a 45 minute phone coaching session. 

1 session/$60.00

Many of you want to see change as quickly as possible, if this is you, our SPEEDWALKER package may be suitable.  In just one short month we can identify what is tipping you off balance and keeping you from reaching the goals that line up with your core values.  We will work together to create SMART goals that will help you unlock your full potential and finish your race strong.  This package focuses on one area of whole-person growth: Word (spiritual fitness), Active (physical fitness), Learn (mental fitness), or Kindliness (relational fitness).  Included in this package are my bucket filler and life declutter resources, four 45 minute phone coaching sessions, and accountability emails/texts.

4 sessions/$120.00

What you have before you requires a little longer, slower pace to be able to cross that finish line strong.  It's not how quickly you see change that matters, but just the hope of knowing that change is just around the corner with a little bit of hard work.  This package is for those of you that want to commit to a little longer walk with Jennifer.  We can take our time as we declutter the junk you've been carrying around that has hindered your whole-person fitness.  We will identify your personal core values and set SMART goals in each of the four key areas of growth (WORD, ACTIVE, LEARN, KINDLINESS) and successfully create lifelong habits that keep you moving forward walking the race set before you.  Included in this package are my bucket filler and life declutter resources, eight to twelve 45 minute phone coaching sessions, accountability emails/texts, and two 15 minute follow up calls for two months. 


8 sessions/$245


12 sessions/$375